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We accept the following types of payment:

  • Bank Transfer Only

Deposits & Balances

All booking confirmations require a non refundable deposit of 25%, we can hold a booking for 24hrs without a deposit. Once a booking form has been completed you will receive an e-mail confirming the details of the event. 

A booking will not be considered agreed until the deposit has been paid, funds are cleared and the booking form submitted.

All balances must be paid at least 7 days prior to the event unless the balance has been agreed to be paid in cash on the day of the event. If you are paying cash please ensure you have it ready for when we arrive as we will not be able to set up without payment.


In the event of a cancellation by the client the deposit is non-refundable. If a booking has been paid in full, you will be able to reschedule your booking. (Monday to Thursday only)

All cancellations/rescheduled events must be confirmed in writing. 

Any cancellations of additional services must be made in writing via email. Failure to do may result in you still getting charged for the service. 

We reserve the right to cancel any booking taken at any stage up to the time of the event due to circumstances outside of our control.  This includes but not exclusive to events such as extremely bad weather, staff illness or any unsolvable technical issues.  In the unlikeliness of such events, a rescheduled date will be offered.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking taken without a given reason.

If your party is unable to go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions, then you will be offered a rescheduled date.  See out COVID page for more details – Click Here



If you cannot give us access to electrical power you will require a generator, please let us know at the time of booking and we can hire one on your behalf from an external hire company at an additional cost of £50. 

Please note that once we have hired the generator it is non-refundable.

Failure to inform us 7 days before the party may result in the party being cancelled, with no refund.

If on arrival we find the venue to be unsuitable for any reason we reserve the right to abort the session without compensation.

We will park our vehicles where you ask us to as long as it is safe to do so and we aren’t blocking the road for other users.  If we receive a parking ticket parking during the party it will be your responsibility to pay this. If the parking space require a permit, it is the party organiser’s responsibility to arrange this prior to the event.

Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage to driveways, ground’s or surrounding fences, walls or plant life that is considered to be caused by our vehicle, crew or party goers. It is the party planner’s responsibility to take advice from a qualified person whether the grounds are suitable to support our Vehicle (3.5 ton bus)

By inviting us onto your grounds the party organiser is accepting full responsibility for any damage caused. 

Onboard Essex Gaming Bus:

We aim to make every effort to ensure our vehicle is a safe and clean environment in accordance with Health & Safety requirements.  We ask that everyone removes their shoes before entering the bus and anyone entering the Essex Gaming Bus vehicle does so entirely at their own risk. 

Essex Gaming Bus vehicle is a strictly no smoking vehicle 

No food or drink to be consumed on the bus. 

In the unlikely event of a particular console i.e. Xbox not being operational during a party no compensation will be offered or considered, however we will do our upmost to find a suitable replacement. 

We will not tolerate bad behaviour, bad language, aggressive behaviour or threatening behaviour to our crew or other party goers. In the event of such acts we reserve the right to end the session immediately and any money paid will be forfeited. 

Anyone considered being under the influence of drugs or having consumed an excessive amount of alcohol will not be allowed on board. 

In the event of damage to our equipment or vehicle that is caused by excessively harsh treatment or vandalism and that is deemed purposeful we reserve the right to charge to the person names on the booking for the full amount to repair or replace the equipment. 

The Essex Gaming Bus is best suited to players aged 7 and above.  Any player under 7 years old will require a parent or adult to be sat with them at all times. 

Whilst our hosts are there to provide technical support with the gaming consoles etc. the party organisers (yourself) are still responsible for the children.

On The Day:

Although we will endeavour to arrive at the time booked we cannot be held responsible for events such as traffic hold ups. In the event of late arrival we will do our best to continue the session until the correct amount of time has elapsed. 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (i.e breakdowns) we reserve the right to offer a full refund or an alternative date and/or time. We will always aim to inform the party organiser of any changes ASAP. 

In the unlikely event of a major technical failure on board Essex Gaming Bus a full refund will be offered or an alternative date arranged. 

During the event we may take some photographs for our website.  If this is not acceptable please make sure a member of the crew is aware of your request. You are welcome to take your own photographs of the event. The event organiser is wholly responsible for gaining any necessary permission from third parties (eg. other parents) for photographs to be taken of event attendants.  

Upon hiring Essex Gaming Bus you are hiring only the use of the van. The contents of the van are complimentary for you to use. 

Gaming Ratings:

If one child is not allowed to play due to an age restriction on a game, we will not allow any of the children to play the games.

It is the party organiser’s responsibility to ensure that parental consent is obtained from all parents/guardians of party guests to play age related games.

In the event of an out of age game being requested Essex Gaming Bus will ask the organiser for a final decision to be made. We cannot be held responsible in any way for obtaining the permission of the guest’s parents/guardians.

We have many games preloaded onto the the console to cater for all age ranges. We can not be held responsible if the children start to play games out of their age range. However, we will do our upmost to monitor the children so they do not play games that are not suitable for their age.

Please make your party host aware at the beginning of the party of any games you don’t want being played throughout the party.

Essex Gaming Bus & Our Staff :

Essex Gaming Bus has full Public Liability Insurance 

All our staff are DBS checked. 

In the unlikely event of you being any way un-happy with our service please e-mail your complaint to Stating in full your reasons for complaint and enclosing any evidence you may have to support your claim. 


Please read our online gaming info in accordance with these Ts & Cs – Click Here 

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