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Gaming Bus essex

Essex Gaming Party Bus

Gaming Bus Essex have 3 vans that cover the whole of Essex!

So if you are looking for a gaming bus for your party and we are the service for you.

Suitable for all children over the age of 7

We can hold up to 15 children and that is all of the children playing a console at one time, no one is waiting around.

All we require is:

  • A plug socket, we will supply a 50M extension lead.
  • 2.5 car spaces in parking
  • Access to your router if you would like online gaming such as Fortnite

Check us out on Facebook we have lots and lots of 5 star reviews! We are simply the best Gaming Bus.

If you are looking for easy entertainment for your party where the stress is taken out of keeping your guests happy then the Gaming Bus Essex is for you. 


The Tech

Full of all the newest next gen consoles on each of the gaming bus has.

Each console contains over 100 games online and plenty of offline games too.

We pride ourselves on having all the latest games as they are released.

Inside we have:

  • 3 x Xbox series X,
  • 3 X PS5, 
  • 2 x Racing simulators
  • 2 x Nintendo Switch

On the outside, (weather permitting) we have interactive gaming such as the VR and Xbox karaoke, and Mario Kart 



We don’t only cater for children’s birthday’s, but we also run a variety for events, such as adult gaming events, Weddings, Stag/hen parties, corporate days, fairs, school fates etc.

We do not need a huge amount of space just 7.5 metre parking space (appox 2.5 cars)



Our Prices

Monday to Thursday

Excluding bank holidays
Additional items extra
ULEZ & toll charges will apply where applicable
£250 / 90 mins
  • 255 for 90mins
  • 305 for 2hrs
  • 375 for 3hrs

Friday to Sunday

Applies to bank holidays
Additional items extra,
ULEZ & toll charges will apply where applicable
£285 / 90 mins
  • 285 for 90mins
  • 335 for 2hrs
  • 405 for 3hrs (Not avail Sat)

Let the Entertainment Come to your house

We bring the fun to your house, you book us for your party, we turn up in the Gaming Bus plug in and away we go. 

No hassle, no driving the guests to an entertainment venue, no rearranging your furniture.  We have everything  you need to give your guests an amazing experience in the Gaming Bus and the birthday child the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

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